Noctem Artisans Brasseurs is a craft brewery that aims to promote quality beer by renewing the brewing offer in Quebec City. The property serves homemade beers produced on site in synergy with a food offer made from smoked meats on site.


We also do business with local producers to ensure the provenance of the freshness of our ingredients in order to offer you original dishes and quality.


We favor food and beverage pairing and focus on the conviviality of our comforting and original dishes, as well as on the social catalyst that is beer, to create a unique atmosphere.


From the moment we started brewing our beer at home, we knew it was the beginning of something different. A passion was born. It was the beautiful time of the university, where everything was allowed ... or almost.


Like all good amateur brewers, the first tests were not always conclusive, but our curiosity and determination always focused on improving our recipes and trying new things. Putting hot peppers and grapefruit into a stout, herbs in a season or replacing the brewing water with maple sap was part of our experiment.


It was a few years later that we decided to set up a crazy project: opening a brewpub and brewing beer without compromise. On October 1st, 2015, after several long months of work, Noctem Artisans Brasseurs opened its doors.


Now it's your turn to live the experience. We hope that our products will create a unique taste experience and that, like us, you will have the passion to brew your own beers!



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